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Grocery Store

One great feature we offer at Morrison’s North Star Marine is our modest grocery store. Nowhere on Lake Union or Lake Washington will you find the verity of items offered. 

Along with our great variety of beverages, beer & mixers, we offer a wonderful selection of fine wines. Other items include light refrigerated items, condiments, snacks, galley supplies, sun glasses, coffee, ice and yes, ice cream!

Marine Supplies
​We also offer a nice selection of marine supplies. We stock oil & fuel filters, 2 & 4 cycle motor oil, coolant, fuel additives, cleaning supplies, emergency portable fuel tanks, lock & standard mooring lines, fenders, life jackets and more. 

If you’re heading to the locks or inbound to the lakes, our easy access dock makes it a simple stop.
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Be sure to check out our selection of fine wines!
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