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We have over 500ft of linear dock space! 
Fuel Dock

We offer Ethanol-Free unleaded and diesel fuel. 

With over 500 feet of liner dock space, Large Yachts, Mega-Yachts and many Commercial Vessels will find our dock easily accessible with ample room for maneuvering.

Our store stocks 2 & 4 cycle oil, lubricates & filters, additives along with other maintenance and marine supplies.  

We offer free pump-outs for recreation vessels. 3 pump-out stations on site. 

Taking On High Volume?
​Those who have high volume needs, we suggest calling ahead to verify inventory. This is highly recommended during peak season. You may also email or fill out our
appointment request form.

Gas Tax Refund
​You may be eligible for a refund of the Washington State fuel tax if you are an individual or company who bought at least 54 gallons of Washington tax-paid fuel in the past 13 months for your vessel. Be sure to keep fuel receipts and the gallons of fuel. File on-line at WS-DOL.

Out Of Gas?​
If you're out of gas on Lake Union or Lake Washington, you have a few options. Most of these companies can assist you to our dock. Options below:

Morrison's North Star Marine  |  Seattle, Washington  |  206.284.6600  
Fill Out Appointment Request Form Here: